WishKnish: Connecting a Decentralized World


A system of custom Achievements, daily site-wide tasks, and social engagement campaigns exchange rewards for action.

The Knish ( Knish )

A social reward token used for commerce and incentivization of positive user behaviors to boost engagement and reach.

The Storefront

User-created portals designed to sell products, organize communities, raise money, and virally build awareness.

Affiliate System

Allows Storefronts to bundle and sell other Storefronts’ products and services, and for individual users to refer via affiliate links.

Knish Diagram

Spending Knish

Users spend Knish by purchasing Storefront upgrades, advertising packages, and other perks. They may also opt to use Knish to incentivize other users as part their Achievement rewards, in lieu of a custom branded token.

Buying/Selling Cycle

The Knish 's internal value is algorithmically stabilized by design, with pricing that scales with the platform’s internal supply. As the supply decreases, the price rises; conversely, as users return Knish to the platform’s wallet, the price drops. This creates a healthy cycle of token purchasing, use, and recycling back into the ecosystem.

Knish Supply

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Fee Structure

Feature WishKnish Amazon eBay AliExpress
Upfront Costs
$39.99/month for Pro sellers $7.95 to $349.95/month One-time $1,399 to $5,999 fee
Per-Item Fee
$0.99 for Individual sellers $0.30 + optional upgrade fees N/A
Marketplace Fee
1% of Retail
6% to 45% based on category, $0 to 2 minimum; 30% to 70% for eBooks 1.5% to 12% based on category + conditional 4% fee 5% to 8% based on category
Closing Fee
$1.35 for media items; delivery fee for eBooks N/A None
Currencies Transacted
Fiat + Native Tokens + Altcoins
Fiat Fiat Fiat

Feature Comparison

Feature WishKnish Amazon eBay AliExpress
Gamification Tools
White-labeled Stores
Community Features Limited
On-Demand Product Bundling
Curated Affiliate Stores
Users Monetize Own Data
Interconnected dApp Ecosystems