Knish.IO Platform

Ledger Technologies

Zero transaction fees, high scalability, quantum-resistant encryption, backwards compatible with legacy ERC-20 via Cross-Chain Bridge.

Coin-Agnostic Quoting
and Settlement

Regardless of whether a participant transacts in Fiat, BTC, or most other Altcoins, we have them covered.

Data Bridging

Diverse ledger technologies – including both public and permissioned private chains - interoperate transparently.

User-Friendly GUI for
Ledger Governance

Run complicated tasks (launching a blockchain or token, managing a DAO, resolving conflicts) as easily as sending an email.

Barriers to Entry

Legacy blockchain is difficult to learn and expensive to deploy

Knish.IO is Easy

Friendly, GUI-based PHP server and CMS plugin deployments

Walled Gardens

Legacy blockchain platforms keep users locked into their ecosystems

Knish.IO is Flexible

Issue and use unlimited branded tokens, launch turnkey cross-chain ledgers

Security & Future-Proofing

Legacy blockchain platforms have a history of hacks, fraud, and token loss

Knish.IO is Secure

Quantum-resistant, military-grade biometrically secured, mining-free consensus

Real-World Scalability

Most legacy blockchain platforms' scalability is bound by the performance of their algorithms

Knish.IO is Scalable

DAG architecture, transactions verified in less than 5 seconds regardless of network volume

Feature Knish.IO Ethereum EOS IOTA
Modular: Markov Chain Random Walk + Others
Proof of Work (soon Proof of Stake) Delegated Proof of Stake (via 21 centralized validators) Markov Chain Random Walk
No Gas
Users pay for Gas Developers pay for Inflation No Gas
Decentralization & Scalability
Decentralized, Network-Bound
Decentralized, Consensus-Bound Centralized Decentralized, Network-Bound
Smart Contracts
Modular: Ethereum Virtual Machine + Others
Ethereum Virtual Machine EOSIO
Cryptographic Algorithms
Modular: Quantum-Resistant XMSS + KangarooTwelve + BioSSL + Others
Keccak-256 SHA-256 Quantum-Resistant Winternitz + Keccac-256
Branded Tokens
Yes: Fungible, Non-Fungible, Partially-Fungible, 3D Mesh
Yes: ERC-20 (Fungible), ERC-721 (Non-Fungible) Yes: Fungible, Non-Fungible (proposal)
Coin-Agnostic Settlement, Cross-Chain Data Exchange
Integrated Governance
Modular: Public/Private Subchains
Biometrically Authenticated Web Host / VPS (Sybil resistant)
Client Client Specialized hardware needed for full potential
Directed Acyclic Graph
Blockchain Blockchain Directed Acyclic Graph

Loyalty & E-Commerce

Transportation & Supply Chain

Government & Identity

Insurance & Healthcare

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