Change the World

Things work a little differently here at WishKnish: Connecting a Decentralized World . As in many things in life, you simply can't do everything yourself.

Nor should you. A friendly game of foosball would end in tears. That MMO game you were salivating over? MM-"NO". Don't let the sound of one hand clapping be your soundtrack.

Help others discover what you love, and watch it flourish.

Then again, misery loves company - though we're sure there's a subscription for that, too.

Cross the Finish Line Together
Perks await those who stick around.

Yes, the rumors are true - WishKnish: Connecting a Decentralized World subscriptions have a devious twist: PERKS.

As the subscriber count grows, milestones will be reached - and every time, all active subscribers will receive perks.

What kind of perks? Top-secret perks. You'll love it.

What are you waiting for? Join up!