KnishIO Platform
  • Post-blockchain DAG architecture
  • Zero gas, near-instant settlement
  • Biometric quantum-resistant wallet security
  • Create and deploy branded tokens and ledgers
WishKnish: Connecting a Decentralized World
  • Effortless Peer-to-Peer commerce
  • Gamification and incentivization
  • Censorship-free communication
  • Supply chain and custody tracking

Management Team
Meet the team behind WishKnish: Connecting a Decentralized World .


Alisa Gus

Alisa Gus
Entrepreneur in Residence @ The Shatter Fund; Crypto Analyst @ Finder; Co-Founder @ Curiosity Quills Press; 8+ years publishing industry veteran with C-level experience; Executive Producer @ Lombardi Street; Former Director of Marketing @ FXCL; 20+ marketing strategic development experience

Eugene Teplitsky

Eugene Teplitsky
17+ years hands-on dev experience; 7+ years developing fintech solutions for the Forex industry; 6+ years relevant CTO experience deploying large-scale industry-specific projects; Co-founded multiple startups across several markets; BS Computer Science, The City College, NY

Michael Kapoor

Michael Kapoor
Former Managing Partner @ Propeller Venture Capital; Career Investments professional turned Tech Entrepreneur; 9+ years of finance experience @ Wells Fargo & Morgan Stanley; Co-Founded Root Square, Qubester; Entrepreneur in Residence @ University of Pennsylvania
Board Chair

Shelly Collins

Shelly Collins
Founding partner of the Shatter Fund; Natl Women's Business Council (NWBC) for Obama Administration; Vice Chair of Secretary Clinton's Women in Public Service Project;
Board Advisor

Aki Koivistoinen

Aki Koivistoinen
Ambassador of StartUp Health (Europe & Israel), Entrepreneur, Strategist and Batteries Included Health Transformer!

Frequently Asked Questions
Get the answers you need, fast.

  • What is a Blockchain?
    A digital ledger in which information, such as financial transactions or program code, is recorded and stored by a number of trustless participants.
  • Why Blockchain?
    Removal of middlemen between parties saves money and increases security across the board, while unlocking new use cases for businesses and communities.
  • What is WishKnish?
    WishKnish Corp. is the company responsible for WishKnish Storefronts and Knish.IO.
  • Are you having an ICO?
    WishKnish is venture-backed, and will not be hosting an ICO.
  • What platform is Knish.IO built on?
    Knish.IO is an entirely proprietary platform.
  • How far along is WishKnish in development?
    WishKnish tools and services are being deployed for our enterprise partners and early access participants.
  • Is WishKnish open-sourced?
    WishKnish deploys both open and closed source components, with Knish.IO being fully open-sourced.

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