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Change Your World

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Platform Feature Overview

The WishKnish Platform leverages the transparency and simplicity of the Blockchain and next-generation patent-pending, open-source technologies to address the following major feature areas:


Storefronts can be launched and accessed without the need for a central server or even DNS.


Custom Achievements allow Storefronts to holistically turn visitors into super-fans and evangelizers.


Intelligent matchmaking to seamlessly connect Storefronts, shipping services, and warehouses.


Regardless of whether a participant transacts in Fiat, BTC, or most other Altcoins, we have them covered.


Tokens create a permanent paper trail, unlocking content and reconciling payments transparently.


Every users is a potential affiliate, empowered to share, bundle, or even buy into higher royalty rates.

The Marketplace of Marketplaces

The WishKnish Core encompasses the necessary functionality to fulfill our short-term goal of launching a network of social marketplaces powered by compelling gamification elements with the Knish ( Knish ) social reward token used as both incentive and a payment method, and coupled with a robust affiliate referral system.


A system of custom Achievements, daily site-wide tasks, and social engagement campaigns exchange rewards for action.

The Knish ( Knish )

A social reward token used for commerce and incentivization of positive user behaviors to boost engagement and reach.

The Storefront

User-created portals designed to sell products, organize communities, raise money, and virally build awareness.

WishKnish: Connecting a Decentralized World

Affiliate System

Allows Storefronts to bundle and sell other Storefronts’ products and services, and for individual users to refer via affiliate links.

Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

WishKnish is a next-generation unifying ledger architecture built for effortless e-commerce, censorship-free communication, and unprecedented simplicity of connecting legacy e-stores, communities, and enterprise systems in a decentralized world.

WishKnish is a platform - therefore, it is what you make of it. However, to help you get started learning about the possibilities, we are launching our first out-of-the-box use case: WishKnish Storefronts, a network of social marketplace communities ("Storefronts") focused around specific projects, products, social causes, political movements, etc., that people care about.

Our goal is to help those communities grow and stay engaged through innovative gamification features, machine-learning-enabled user discovery, and the transparency and resilience of blockchain technology.

WishKnish is and always will be absolutely free to use for regular users. In fact, there are many opportunities to earn some Knish every day. Give it a try!

WishKnish makes money by taking a (very) small commission from transactions that occur within Storefronts, such as purchases and subscriptions. We also make money through sponsored search placements to help Storefronts reach a broader audience, with plans to sell Storefront upgrades and other value-added features in the near future.

Knish ( Knish ) is a special digital token used on WishKnish to reward and incentivize user behavior that is beneficial to both individual Storefronts and to the overall ecosystem in general.

Knish can be earned in several ways:

  1. by earning Achievements (created by Storefront owners to encourage positive behavior from their users)
  2. for performing Daily Missions from your user profile
  3. by participating in Campaigns and helping them reach their goal
  4. by renting advertising space on your Storefront to other Storefront owners
  5. by purchasing Knish from WishKnish or from other users

Knish can be spent in exchange for products and services, distributed to users via your own custom Achievements, or simply gifted.

A Knish is also an Eastern-European pastry filled with potato. It's really quite delightful, but tends to clog up computer networks.

For Creators

Storefronts can be created by any user of WishKnish, and are absolutely free to build.

Once a Storefront is set up, it's up to the owner to fill it with content, products, marketing campaigns, and more. WishKnish makes a wide variety of visual, content, and marketing features available to Storefronts to fit many different needs.

There's no limit to what you can do with your Storefront. And don't let the name fool you - you do not need to necessarily sell something in order to benefit from having one.

Storefronts can be used to sell physical goods (books, arts & crafts, apparel, and more), digital items (eBooks, music, stock photography, documents, videos, and more).

You can also sell subscriptions, which themselves could deliver any of the above on a recurring basis (book boxes, snack boxes, digital music subscriptions, and so on).

You can even sell products and subscriptions from OTHER Storefronts as an affiliate, or bundle multiple products together to re-sell at a discount. The only limit is your imagination.

WishKnish Storefronts presently support payments via major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express) and cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more). You can also set prices in Knish .

There are no upfront fees to sell on WishKnish.

When someone buys from you on WishKnish, we only take a (very) small transaction fee from the money you receive based on the currency used.

Non-profit organizations are exempted from transaction fees entirely, receiving whatever WishKnish receives.

History of WishKnish


Finding Pain in the Market


Corporate Entity Registered


First Prototype Built


Second Prototype Built


Third Prototype Built


WishKnish Whitepaper Ready and Reviewed


Dr. Julie Albright joins advisory board


Knish Token Verified on Waves Platform


Shelly Kapoor Collins joins advisory board


Mohammed E. Al Fardan and Christian Ferri join advisory board

The WishKnish: Connecting a Decentralized World Management Team

Alisa Gus

Alisa Gus

Associate producer on one of the first crowdsourced web serials; Organized nation-wide publicity, casting events, and marketing; Co-Founded Curiosity Quills Press in 2011; Upcoming keynote speaker at Ind’Scribe 2017;
Eugene Teplitsky

Eugene Teplitsky

15+ years of hands-on dev experience; 7+ years in the Forex industry; 5+ years of relevant CTO experience in large-scale industry-specific projects; Co-founded multiple startups across several markets;
Michael Kapoor

Michael Kapoor

Former Managing Partner @ Propeller Venture Capital; Career Investments professional turned Tech Entrepreneur; 9+ years of finance experience @ Wells Fargo & Morgan Stanley; Co-Founded Root Square, Qubester; Entrepreneur in Residence @ University of Pennsylvania;
Mohammed Ebrahim Al Fardan

Mohammed Ebrahim Al Fardan

Executive VP of META & APJ Region
Serial Entrepreneur, Global Mentor & Advisor; Head of Middle East @ Ambrosus; Over two decades of ICT experience

Advised By

Dr. Julie Albright

Dr. Julie Albright

Digital sociologist / F500 lecturer, Viterbi School of Engineering + Applied Psychology; Fmr Managing Director @ USC Energy Institute;
Shelly Kapoor Collins

Shelly Kapoor Collins

Founding partner of the Shatter Fund; Natl Women's Business Council (NWBC) for Obama Administration; Vice Chair of Secretary Clinton's Women in Public Service Project;
Christian Ferri

Christian Ferri

Board Member @ Blockchain Compliance Alliance; Partner @ The Bureau; Contributor @ ICO Crowd and others;
Maureen Murat, JD

Maureen Murat, JD

Legal Counsel
Attorney, blockchain enthusiast, and ICO maven. Crowdfunding & JOBS Act expert, lawyer (NY Bar) and entrepreneur with over 15 years of legal industry experience.

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