KnishIO Platform
  • Post-blockchain DAG architecture
  • Zero gas, near-instant settlement
  • Biometric quantum-resistant wallet security
  • Create and deploy branded tokens and ledgers
WishKnish: Connecting a Decentralized World
  • Effortless Peer-to-Peer commerce
  • Gamification and incentivization
  • Censorship-free communication
  • Supply chain and custody tracking

Management Team
Meet the team behind WishKnish: Connecting a Decentralized World .


Alisa Gus

Alisa Gus
Entrepreneur in Residence @ The Shatter Fund; Crypto Analyst @ Finder; Co-Founder @ Curiosity Quills Press; 8+ years publishing industry veteran with C-level experience; Executive Producer @ Lombardi Street; Former Director of Marketing @ FXCL; 20+ marketing strategic development experience

Eugene Teplitsky

Eugene Teplitsky
17+ years hands-on dev experience; 7+ years developing fintech solutions for the Forex industry; 6+ years relevant CTO experience deploying large-scale industry-specific projects; Co-founded multiple startups across several markets; BS Computer Science, The City College, NY

Michael Kapoor

Michael Kapoor
Former Managing Partner @ Propeller Venture Capital; Career Investments professional turned Tech Entrepreneur; 9+ years of finance experience @ Wells Fargo & Morgan Stanley; Co-Founded Root Square, Qubester; Entrepreneur in Residence @ University of Pennsylvania
Board Chair

Shelly Collins

Shelly Collins
Founding partner of the Shatter Fund; Natl Women's Business Council (NWBC) for Obama Administration; Vice Chair of Secretary Clinton's Women in Public Service Project;
Board Advisor

Aki Koivistoinen

Aki Koivistoinen
Ambassador of StartUp Health (Europe & Israel), Entrepreneur, Strategist and Batteries Included Health Transformer!
Board Advisor

Julie Albright

Julie Albright
Digital sociologist / F500 lecturer, Viterbi School of Engineering + Applied Psychology; Fmr Managing Director @ USC Energy Institute;
Board Advisor

Reet Singh

Reet Singh
Chief Administrative Officer at CNSI. Over 20 years of experience in systems analysis and development, project, and operations management.
Board Advisor

Roger Crook

Roger Crook
CEO of Capital Springboard, fmr Global CEO of DHL Global Forwarding, business angel, entrepreneur, and board advisor in the logistics tech, fintech, and blockchain disruption space

Frequently Asked Questions
Get the answers you need, fast.

  • What is a Blockchain?
    A digital ledger in which information, such as financial transactions or program code, is recorded and stored by a number of trustless participants.
  • Why Blockchain?
    Removal of middlemen between parties saves money and increases security across the board, while unlocking new use cases for businesses and communities.
  • What is WishKnish?
    WishKnish Corp. is the company responsible for WishKnish Storefronts and Knish.IO.
  • Are you having an ICO?
    WishKnish is venture-backed, and will not be hosting an ICO.
  • What platform is Knish.IO built on?
    Knish.IO is an entirely proprietary platform.
  • How far along is WishKnish in development?
    WishKnish tools and services are being deployed for our enterprise partners and early access participants.
  • Is WishKnish open-sourced?
    WishKnish deploys both open and closed source components, with Knish.IO being fully open-sourced.

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